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Regarding Bluetooth electronic scales and household electronic scales, the shapes are exquisite

2021-02-23 09:03:30

Previously, there were two types of human body electronic scales, square and round, on the industrial electronic scale market. Except for the shape of personal preference, the area of a round human body electronic scale of the same size will be smaller than that of a square. The square area will be smoother and relatively more accurate.

Measuring range and accuracy

Measuring range and accuracy are issues that people should pay special attention to when buying human body electronic scales. The larger carrying capacity of an ordinary human electronic scale is about 150kg, which can meet the needs of most people. There are also differences in measurement accuracy. The quality of a better electronic human body scale can have an accuracy of 0.1kg, and the quality of general products is generally estimated as an integer. Ordinary human electronic scales can store the data of 8-16 users, which can meet the basic needs of the family.

According to the working principle of human electronic scales, the value of biological resistance is affected by water and other factors in the body. Studies have shown that despite multiple measurements, the same indicator may fluctuate. Patients who use pacemakers and defibrillators should not use human electronic scales with bio-resistance measurement capabilities.


Where is the intelligence of the human body electronic scale?

Compared with traditional weight scales, electronic weight scales can help users record and measure weight, and synchronize data with health analysis software. In addition to body weight, electronic scales can also measure body fat content, muscle density, bone mass and other values. BMI (Body Index) is one of the most concerned.

BMI is a statistical tool used in public health research. It is calculated by dividing the weight in kilograms by the square of the height in meters. It is a commonly used standard in the world to measure the degree of fat and thinness and whether a person is healthy. BMI is an indicator of overall body weight and nutritional status, and is used as an indicator of obesity.

At present, the measurement data of the human body electronic scales on the smart body scale market has been synchronized to the smart phone through APP software that supports Wi-Fi or Bluetooth data connection. You can view the BMI curve for a period of time at any time, but it should be noted that the APP software of the human body electronic scale is not exactly the same. You can also download the APP software to experience whether you like it.



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