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How much weight can a human body scale normally bear?

2019-05-22 11:40:18

I believe that many friends are very concerned about their weight problems. With the improvement of our living standards, the proportion of obese people is increasing. Obesity not only affects the appearance of the body, but also easily causes various diseases and affects health. Therefore, Many of my friends hope to choose a bainiao electronic scale (health scale) to use at home, so that they can know their own weight at all times, but due to the many brands of human electronic scales on the market, the quality is uneven , How to judge which health scale is good and which brand of human body electronic scale is easy to use has troubled many consumers. Here is how to choose a human body scale.


     Choose according to the shape of the body scale company: There are two main shapes of health scales currently on the market: one is round and the other is square. Many friends think that the shape is not important, but it is not because they are in the same size. In terms of size, the area of the square is much larger than the area of the circle. Therefore, when weighing, the human body is standing on it. The square human body electronic scale is more comfortable, stable and has more standing space than the round one. It is also because of the square shape. Health scales can well guarantee the stability of the standing person. Therefore, in theory, square health scales are more accurate than round health scales. This is why square electronic human scales on the market are more expensive than round ones. More expensive


The body scale manufacturers choose according to the accuracy and load-bearing range of the human body electronic scale: We weigh in order to know our own weight more accurately at any time, so how the accuracy of the electronic scale relates to whether the measured weight is accurate enough, inferior health scales It is often only accurate to the integer digits, and good quality health scales generally have an accuracy of 0.1kg, ensuring that any subtle changes in body weight can be measured; in addition, because there are many obese people who buy electronic human body scales, we The weight-bearing range of electronic scales must also be considered when purchasing. At present, the larger weight-bearing range of electronic scales with better quality can reach more than 150KG, which can basically satisfy all people.



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