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Practical! Aviary multifunctional kitchen electronic scale

2019-05-22 11:40:18

In addition to appearance, precision, and richness of functions, the difference between Aviator kitchen electronic scales is the durability of the product itself. Many cheap kitchen electronic scales will experience deformation of the sensor module after frequent use, resulting in a decrease in weighing accuracy. There are not a few cases where the error of 1g precision scales reaches more than 3g after 1 year of regular use. In addition, whether the weighing values in different areas of the weighing pan are the same is also an important criterion for measuring the quality of the kitchen electronic scale. Using small stones to weigh at different positions on the edge of the weighing pan is a simple detection method.



The multi-function electronic scale is a special electronic instrument for the kitchen, and it is a tool used to accurately measure the weight of food materials used in cooking. There are many brands of kitchen scales currently on the market. Although some small brands or counterfeit brands are cheap, their service life is short and the quality cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, you must choose a brand when buying these kitchen appliances.


     Multi-function electronic scale manufacturer A smart kitchen electronic scale specially designed for the kitchen, matching recipes, accurately matching ingredients, and enjoying high-quality food.

      The interconnection can be implemented through iPad and iPhone. The system itself is a smart kitchen electronic scale and an APP system. It comes with a variety of recipes that need to be weighed, such as baking and bartending.

      When using it, you only need to select the recipe you want, put the container on the scale, pour the ingredients in according to the prompts, and the linked APP will display the weight of the currently added ingredients, which is simple and clear. There is no need to weigh separately, saving a lot of time.



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