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How to deal with the moisture of the smart electronic scale?

2019-05-22 11:40:18

Like every smart electronic scale electronic product has all kinds of problems, but everything we get from them, no matter what problems he has, as long as we keep him in good condition, I believe he will come back to you, and many users will install it. In addition, Bluetooth electronic scales are outdoors or in low-lying places. Under the baptism of spring, rain or soaking will cause a large number of smart electronic scales. Today's action is discussed based on this phenomenon.


The smart electronic scale will immediately turn off the power, separate the instrument from the sensor and junction box and other components, and use the sun to dry or use a hair dryer to dry the internal damp area so that it can be used normally, otherwise there will be skips, no display or error messages, etc. phenomenon.



According to the intelligent electronic scale company, the above phenomenon and treatment plan are the phenomenon of instant damp and rain, as well as the use of dense fog and relatively heavy humidity. When buying, you should choose a waterproof intelligent electronic scale, but the price is relatively high But at least stainless steel floor scales are also selected, which have strong anti-corrosion, moisture-proof and rust-proof characteristics.


The slow humidity of smart electronic scale manufacturers is even more serious. For example, long-term use of conventional smart electronic scales will cause slow humidity. This situation is very serious, and it is necessary to replace the accessories for maintenance. The above description hopes to be helpful to you, and we hope you think so when you buy.



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