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Which booths are industrial electronic scales and Bluetooth electronic scales more prone to problems

2021-02-23 09:00:56

Judging from the complaints of the public, the electronic scale fruit stand and the cooked food stand stand out! "The reporter was informed yesterday that in the special inspection of market measuring instruments, market supervisors in Wuhua region used the market to conduct special inspections of measuring instruments at the Haiyuan Temple Farmer’s Market on the same day. Five “problem” electronic scales were found, and further investigations are being carried out. .

The person in charge of the electronic scale market told reporters that in order to increase the weight of goods, some bad businessmen started with electronic scales. Most of the time, citizens are not good at on-site inspections, but they can master some small skills, such as carrying small items for testing. According to reports, some suppliers deliberately tilted the table, or used cardboard to raise a proportion of the body's corners, so as not to cause graduation. There are also many scales that are not placed on the scale. When waiting for the customer to shop, after the unit price is calculated, the scale with the product is placed on the scale for measurement, and the weight of the dish becomes the weight of the product as a result.

The impact method is also relatively common. A large number of empty scales will be thrown into the scale. This impact makes the weight of the scale artificially increased in an instant. When the customer does not have time to take a closer look, the supplier chooses to replenish the goods, and then Offer. Some suppliers deliberately stack commodities and other items on the electronic scales in front of the subtitle screen, so that customers cannot see the unit price of the subtitles, and then make the weight and quantity confused. If you can’t ask a few words, you may be deceived.


Recruitment of law enforcement officers: wholesale cheating on household electronic scales, one method can be identified. Personal items with a fixed weight, such as keys, bracelets, and mobile phones, can be used as a "polygraph" for electronic scales. We will weigh these items with standard electronic scales and remember their weights. If you suspect that there is a problem with the electronic scales in the market or shopping mall, you may want to weigh the keychain, etc. If the data has changed, you can answer the scale immediately .



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