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The electronic weight scale measures your health, you deserve it!

2019-05-22 11:40:18

There are too many similar products in the electronic scale market, so which scale should consumers choose? First of all, we need to figure out what is the use of buying a scale? Yes, the purpose of a weight scale is to measure weight and make your body more attractive. The Aviary Fat Scale is a healthy weight scale positioned on a human body scale. Through the 5 kinds of all-round detection of weight and fat, the super bright blue film and super bright luminous screen, it is necessary to lose weight. Let people have healthier and more beautiful people.


The electronic scale manufacturer Bainiao electronic scale has built-in BIA chip fat analysis technology, fat data obtained by this technology and large professional medical equipment. Through the almighty test of 5 health indicators of body weight, fat, water, muscle and bone. Whether girls/boys are losing water, muscle or fat when they lose weight.


Finally, the ultimate goal of losing weight is not only a small waist, but also a healthy body. Using the F-Sense intelligent acceleration algorithm, you can accurately analyze the body fat content and make a slim figure based on health.


With large LCD wide screen, blue backlight, stable image, clear and bright effect, you can read easily even at night. In addition, automatic recognition and measurement can be performed without each input, and the weight of four members of the family can be automatically recognized, and the required fat percentage can be accurately measured. Ensure the health of every member of the family.


Zhongshan Bainiao Electronics Co., Ltd. is a weighing instrument manufacturer in China, dedicated to the research, development, production and sales of various household and industrial scales. Our smart weight electronic scale products include electronic bathroom scales, health scales, kitchen scales, platform scales, weighing instruments, floor scales, pallet scales, weight scales, inspection scales, etc.



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