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What is the reason for the error code in the use of the waterproof electronic scale?

2019-05-22 11:40:18

1. The electronic scale equipment company puts down the weighing object, turns off the instrument, and then restarts the self-test. If ERR 3 is displayed, only the printer parameters of the instrument need to be reset.

2. Put down the weighing object, turn off the instrument, and restart the self-test. If it cannot be reset to zero, it means that the printer in the instrument cannot communicate normally, so the printing parameters should be set again according to the instructions.

3. The indication value of the weight display of the waterproof scale drifts.

But the failure of the waterproof electronic scale. Usually, a performance is to weigh the display value, based on the display value, a preliminary analysis of the reason for its failure to stop is similar:

The weighing display has no indication or pointer.


(D) Whether the digital display tube of the weighing indicator of the electronic scale equipment company is normal. This is a power failure. The principle block diagram of the weighing system is as follows. Usually due to incorrect movement or installation of the load device, the load cell does not have a uniform or allowable component force, which results in poor repeatability of the value displayed by the weighing display.

The repeatability of the weighing indicator is very poor.

4. Whether there is anything in the scale and whether the limit device is normal. Check the digital display tube of the weighing monitor, the output signal of each load cell is normal. Then, use a multimeter to short-circuit the intercom connection between the load cell and the weighing monitor. This deformation is a malfunction of the load cell. Analyze the failure of the waterproof electronic scale from the weighing display.



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