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Introduction of Bluetooth electronic scale company, classification and selection of weighing equipment

2021-02-23 09:09:07

How is the Bluetooth electronic scale equipment of Bainiao Electronics Company divided into types? How to clearly select the type?  Industrial electronic scales As early as the early 90s, people's understanding of electronic weighing equipment is nothing more than the type of mechanical scale or electromechanical combined scale. Model selection: Nowadays, with the development of our country's economic era, "electronic scales" as the mainstream electronic weighing equipment have evolved various types of weighing equipment according to the special needs of the industry, so that many people are not clear about it.

Mechanical scales, case scales

Electronic weighing equipment is conventionally divided into types/classifications. Although all weighing equipment is used for weighing, different measurement occasions have different requirements for the required weighing equipment; this is also relatively understandable: due to the complex and complex application environment of the manufacturing industry of various enterprises, each scale Often has its professional use. If there is a situation of mixed use, mutual use, and misuse in the industry, agriculture, commerce, scientific research and other departments, it will also cause the entire weighing and measurement to be inaccurate and cause losses.


Counting price scale, cash register scale

Therefore, according to the industry, we can further divide the weighing equipment into two types, industrial scales and commercial scales. According to the accuracy standard, the electronic weighing equipment can be divided into class IV scale, class III scale, class II scale, and class I scale (class I scale is high, class IV is low). The common and commonly used electronic weighing equipment types in daily life, such as supermarket counting price scales, platform scales, table scales, etc., are generally class III weighing equipment.

Platform scales, table scales, crane scales, floor scales

Then talk about selection. No matter which type of weighing equipment is chosen, its purpose is to meet the weighing efficiency and have a credible weighing result; therefore, when you buy electronic weighing equipment, as long as you can clarify the purpose of weighing (measurement, Control, display), clear the required range, clear installation and use requirements can have a clear selection and classification of electronic weighing equipment.


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