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Overview of standard light source and laser for waterproof electronic scale photoelectric proximity switch

2019-05-22 11:40:18

Overview of standard light source and laser for waterproof electronic scale photoelectric proximity switch:

       Devices using fiber optic conductors:

       The fiber is installed in front of the transmitter and receiver. They are the extended "eyes" of photoelectric proximity switches. Waterproof electronic scale price

       As optical fibers, they are very small and flexible, providing a practical solution for detecting inaccessible points. In addition, there is no transmission of potential.


       Laser diffusion sensor with analog output:

       The analog laser proximity switch can measure the precise distance of an object within its sensing range. Since the visible laser is used, the measurement result is very accurate and the output linearity is extremely high. Therefore, laser proximity switches belong to Class 2 safety level, that is to say, they are harmless and pose no danger to the body (such as eyes).


       Color sensor

       The color sensor uses three LEDs, and their colors are red, green, and blue. The light is emitted to the object.


       After the proximity switch of the waterproof electronic scale is set, the color of the object is measured and assigned to an output state. In the teaching phase, the proximity switch saves the selected color in a non-volatile EEPROM. This ensures that the setting is repeated every time the proximity switch is turned on. You can set a color or a color range.


Color mark sensor

       The color mark sensor uses green or red emission light. The color is automatically selected based on the contrast. The mark color and background color can be set separately with two keys.




       For Opto proximity switches with a test input, the transmitter can be switched on or off selectively. The output signal can be evaluated to check whether the sensor is working properly (through beam sensor: no obstruction of the beam; diffuse sensor: there is a reflective object).


       To disable the proximity switch, the allowable input must be connected to OV. To make the proximity switch work, it is not necessary to use the allowable input.


       Ambient light limit

       The external light of the waterproof electronic scale is the light generated by the external light source. The intensity of the light is measured on the light incident surface. Due to the use of modulated light, these devices are not sensitive to ambient light.

       However, there is an upper limit for the intensity of any external light, called the "ambient light value". This limit is specified for sunlight and (non-dimmer) and toothed lights (light modulated at twice the frequency of the power supply). Above the respective ambient light limit, the sensor cannot achieve reliable operation.



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