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The principle of electronic measuring instrument of electronic universal testing machine

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The principle of electronic measuring instrument of electronic universal testing machine

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Electronic tensile testing machine is the modern electronic technology and the combination of the mechanical transmission technology, is give full play to the mechanical and electrical specialty of large precise instrument, for a variety of materials for a number of properties such as tensile, compression, bending test, and a wide measuring range, high precision, fast response, etc. Reliable operation, high efficiency, the test data can be displayed real-time record and print.

Electronic tensile testing machine is by measuring system, drive system, control system, and computer and other structures.

A measurement system

1. The force value measurement

By measuring the force sensor, amplifier and data processing system to achieve the measurement, the most commonly used force transducer is strain sensor chip.

So-called strain sensor chip, is by the strain gauge, elastic element, and some accessories (compensating element, protective cover, connector socket, load parts), can be some kind of mechanical quantity into a power output device.

Strain plate, pressure sensor at home and abroad a wide range of tubular main force sensor, and spokes force sensor, S double pass sensors, such as cross beam type sensor type.

Learned from the mechanics of materials, under the condition of small deformation, an elastic element strain of one point epsilon is proportional to the force by the elastic element, is proportional to the forms of the elastic. S type sensor, for example, when the role of the sensor by pulling force P, due to the elastic element surface with strain gages, because of the elastic component of strain directly proportional to the size of outside force P, therefore the strain gauge measurement circuit access, can measure the output voltage, and measure the size of force.

In simple terms, in strain gauge sensor deformation caused by the external force P, lead to unbalanced bridge, leading to the change of the sensor output voltage, by measuring the change of the output voltage we can know the magnitude of force.

Generally speaking, the sensor output signal is very weak, usually only a few mV, if we directly measured signal, it is very difficult, and can not meet the requirement of the high precision measurement. So it has to be the weak signal amplification, A amplifier amplified signal voltage can be up to 10 v, after the signal for analog signals, the analog signal through multi-channel switch and A/D conversion chip into A digital signal, and then for data processing, so far, force measurement.

2. The deformation measurement

Through deformation measurement device to measure, it is used to measure the deformation of the specimen in the process of our test.

The device has two chuck, after a series of transmission mechanism and in measuring device at the top of the photoelectric encoder together, when the distance between the two clip changes, drive shaft rotation of photoelectric encoder, there will be a photoelectric encoder output pulse signal. Again by single chip microcomputer to signal processing, it can be concluded that the deformation of the sample.

3 cross rail displacement measurement

The principle with the deformation measurement is roughly same, are measured by the photoelectric encoder output pulse number for beam displacement.

2. Drive system

Is mainly used to machine the beam move, its working principle is controlled by servo motor, the motor through reducer, and a series of transmission mechanism to drive screw rotation, so as to achieve the purpose of the control beam movement. By changing the motor speed, can change the beam movement speed.

3. Control system

As the name implies, is the control system of the operation of the machine through work station can control the operation of the machine, through the display screen can learn the status of the machine and the test parameters, if the machine with a computer, also can be realized by computer data processing and analysing various functions, print test results. Testing machine with the communications between computers are generally using RS232 serial communication mode, it through the computer behind a serial port (COM) to communicate, the technology is mature, reliable, easy to use.

4. Computer

Used to collect and analyze data, enter the test interface, the computer will continue to collect all kinds of test data, real-time draw test curve, automatically calculate the parameters and output statements.

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